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To the fire-and-brimstone types, the word smells of shame and scorched flesh. To the hedonist it sounds like fun. Some think it's a wholly Christian concept while others ascribe it to the ancient Hebrews. To the sages of the Talmud, it is, above all, an a...
How do you know when you have been forgiven? Or does the guilt just go on and on?
Question: Let's say I desire that somebody not live anymore, G‑d forbid. Let's say this somebody is a parent. But I don't take any action in this direction. I mean, I just keep acting in the interest of the well-being and health of this person, but simply...
What's so bad about sin? If I'm not hurting anyone, why does G-d care?
The Body-Soul Chronicles, Part II
"Listen soul, how 'bout you just sleep this one out while I..."
Initially, it was natural for man to follow woman. Read the story: What convinced Adam to eat of the Tree of Knowledge? Nothing -- just that Eve told him to. Then the roles were reversed. A curse, truly, for both of them...
I've said it many times and let me repeat: The Master of the Universe not only talks to Himself, He talks to figments of His holy imagination. Not only that, those figments of His holy imagination talk back to Him. And He listens...
The different types of sin, and the opportunity sin brings with repentance.
If a person loses a court case, or things seem to be going poorly for him, is that any indication that G‑d is displeased with the individual?
My friend is having issues with his digestive system. I have always nudged him to grow in his spiritual life. Now he is asking me if this could be connected to his not fulfilling G‑d’s commandments to their fullest. What can I tell him?
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