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Having a teenager on the autistic spectrum
Things that come so easily for most children do not come so easily for my child. The confusing, murky world of interpersonal communication remains a puzzle that seems to have a perpetual missing piece...
I am the mother of two autistic children. I love them both dearly, but as any parent of children with special needs will tell you, raising them is challenging and can often be full of disappointment, hurt and frustration...
Despite autism, Zalman Diskin celebrates his bar mitzvah at his parents Chabad center in Munich, Germany. His parents share the painful challenges of having an autistic child and their personal journey of heartbreak and frustration to faith and acceptance...
“Just what my daughter would say if she could,” said one mother. “How I wish I had read this five years ago. It took my husband and I such a long time to ‘learn’ these things...”
Major General Doron Almog's many years of courageous service in the IDF allow him much to be proud of. But he chooses to focus instead on another inspired by a severely handicapped child.
Praying for My Autistic Son's Redemption
He looks okay, but he is not okay, and we, his parents, know and live with this every day. Like his ancestors in Egypt, our son is in a prison; his is a prison of the mind, perhaps the heart.
Autism is a frightening word to parents. Children can have it, adults can have it. But what is it? Why does it happen? And how do you parent an autistic child?
Now that I have been granted the child that I prayed for, and he does have special needs, I am finding that specialness more than I bargained for...
He kept mentioning “Freedom Rules,” and that’s where he really got me thinking. How can there be rules in Freedom?
OK, that’s the law; but where is the inspiration? Where is the majesty? How can we hear a silent shofar?
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