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Rosin, R. Yosef ("Rogatchover Gaon")

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Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai, popularly known as the Chida, an acronym of his four names, was a master talmudist, kabbalist, decisor of halachah, historian, bibliophile and traveler, who raised funds on behalf of the Jews of the Holy Land. His prolific ...
Rabbi Yosef Rosen, known as the Rogatchover Gaon (Prodigy/Genius), passed away in Vienna on Thursday, March 5, 1936. Rabbi Rosen, born in 1858, and raised in the Belarusian city of Rogatchov, served for decades as a rabbi in the Latvian city of Dvinsk (Da...
Mordechai was "great ... and accepted by most of his brethren." Why just most? Was it just "politics"?
Early 20th-century sage described by the Rebbe as an ‘unmatched scholar’
The often cryptic Torah commentaries of the 19th- and early-20th century Talmudic sage known as the Rogachover Gaon have been the subject of intrigue to many a modern-day Jewish scholar. Rabbi Yosef Rosen, the “Genius of Rogachov,” was described by the Re...
“Please bentch me that I should ace this test.”
Rabbi Sholom Ber Levine, chief librarian at the Library of Agudas Chassidei Chabad at 770, recalls the discovery of the earliest known letter of the Rebbe to Rabbi Yosef Rosen, the Rogatchover Gaon.
It is often overlooked, but the Rogatchover Gaon was also a very quick person. Whether in studying, writing or speaking, and even eating, he accomplished everything very quickly. Beginning with study...
Recently, renewing wedding vows is very much in vogue. The name seems to imply that eventually marriage becomes stale and musty -- which leaves the couple with two options: trash it, or "renew" it. What is the Jewish take on this new trend?
Redeeming the Wicked Child of Passover
Based on Likutei Sichot volume 11, Sicha 1. Child X comes to the Passover Seder. Child X sits down with his siblings. He makes kiddush, he washes his hands, eats the greens dipped in salt water and dutifully asks the Four Questions. Then Child X asks, “Wh...
Moses striking the rock is among the most famous and enigmatic stories in the Torah.
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