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Midrash: (a) the classical collection of the Sages’ homiletic teachings on the Torah, on the non-literal level of derush; (b) any one such teaching
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Aggadah (15)
Scroll Down - Part 4
Biblical exegesis, or the interpretation (Drash) of the Torah, was part of the rabbinic tradition since the earliest literary period. What makes certain interpretations valid and others not? Why is interpretation needed altogether?
Part 5 of “Is Midrash For Real?”
Let’s take a story, a really strange one. One that can’t mean what it says, but nevertheless is screaming that it must. Let’s apply what we’ve learned, and see how this one works out.
Part 4 of “Is Midrash For Real?”
That which is absolute truth in the world of the child, in your world is an absurd lie. But don’t imagine your world is any closer to the truth than that of the child.
Part 3 of “Is Midrash For Real?”
Which world is more real? The world of action, or the world where we perceive the effects of our actions?
Part 2 of “Is Midrash For Real?”
The Zohar tells a parable of a beautiful woman who peeks out to her beloved through a small window. Those who love her, find her. Those who don’t, must have patience.
Part 1 in a series on the truth behind Talmudic tales
Torah, like any wisdom, has departments. You can’t study literature the same way you study biology, and you can’t critique poetry as you would journalism. So too, you can’t study one department of Torah the same as you study another.
A clear explanation of what our Torah’s sacred stories, known as Midrash, are and aren't. This brief overview of the origin and development of Judaism's oral traditions provide clarity on shadowy drama and colorful narratives whose messages are largely mi...
Midrashic tales and the small child
Which is more true, the world of the adult, or the world of the child?
There are so many differences of opinion as to what happened and what it means--how can they all be right?
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