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Aliyah: (lit. “ascent”); immigration to the Land of Israel
I have always understood that the word aliyah refers to being called up to the Torah reading at the synagogue. But yesterday, a friend told me that he is making aliyah. He explained that “making aliyah” meant moving to Israel. Could you enlighten me on wh...
And then I realized, living in Israel is more than just the sum of its parts . . . It is a whole other realm of existence. It’s a parallel world . . .
“Aliyah is a two-fold ascent, both physical and spiritual. In that case, the Jews in Israel can also make ‘Aliyah.’ Maimonides concludes his code of Jewish law describing the era of Moshiach with the verse: ‘For the knowledge of G-d will cover the land.’ ...
Our dream to move to Israel is finally becoming reality. We are making aliyah next month. I know it will be challenging. Any advice?
Ancient Stones and a New Start
We have traversed three continents. Twenty-five hours of flight, and twenty-five hundred years of yearning. We have arrived home with our family. Jet lagged and disoriented but so grateful to have arrived safely in the Land of our forefathers...
Aliyah Unity
I handed my siddur to you, After you passed your glasses, To the young man who shared his water, With the matron wrapping her sweater, Around the tiny one.
Part 11
A halachic discussion on whether it’s a mitzvah to make “aliyah” and move to Israel.
One of the obvious elements of the Prime Minister's visit is that it has demonstrated once again how vitally important it is for our people in the Holy Land to have strong and viable Jewish communities in the outside world.
We piled onto the upper deck together, 22 young people from England, 700 immigrants from North Africa—Algeria, to be precise. We were all bound for Israel and impatiently waited for our first glimpse of the Promised Land—the port of Haifa. We had differen...
Swimming daily meant I was no longer invisible—that there were witnesses to my life, however small it was. If I didn’t show up, there were women who noticed and would call to find out how I was. People cared, more than I cared for myself. I owed it to the...
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