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Hanina ben Dosa, Rabbi

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Hanina ben Dosa, Rabbi: (1st century BCE) Mishnaic sage, resident of the Galilee, pupil of Johanan ben Zakkai, and renowned miracle worker. Known for his great piety. Suffered great poverty.
Talmudic Tales: The Miraculous R. Chanina ben Dosa
In this mystifying tale of the Talmud we encounter the miraculous personage of Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa, who prays for the rain to cease. Learn the hidden meaning to this seemingly bizarre story.
A puppet show presentation
Join the great Talmudic sage Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa, as he meets angels, miraculously saves a girl, and witnesses Shabbat lamps burn with vinegar. Children of all ages will be fascinated by the Talmud’s tales of supernatural events, as they gain lessons i...
We have calculations, logical ones, Torah-based ones, that we are certain about and we have a license to be. We know certain things can't happen... You're right, says the Talmud. But . . . nonetheless . . . it happened...
Ethics 2:12
But how would he ever get it to the Holy Temple? He would need five strong men to carry it, and they would have to be paid. And Rabbi Chanina had barely had five gold coins as his whole life’s savings...
The stone was too big for him to move by himself and he could not afford to hire laborers to help him to move it. He saw a vision in which G-d told him: Push it with your little finger...
Every Friday, before Shabbat, she would throw a burning coal into the oven, so that smoke would drift out of her chimney . . .
Elul is a time for reflection and repentance in the build up to the High Holidays. But even as the month draws to a close, the final moments before Rosh Hashanah provide ample opportunities to increase G-d’s blessings in the coming year.
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