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Eibeschutz, R. Yonatan

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Eibeschutz, R. Yonatan: (1690-1764) Talmudic scholar and rabbi of Prague and Hamburg
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The advisor whose chicken won the race would become the hero of the king's court. Rabbi Yonasan had no idea how to make anything in this world vicious, certainly not a chicken...
The famous Torah scholar, Rabbi Yonatan Eibeschutz, was an advisor to the king. Once, while strolling down the streets of Vienna, the king met his wise advisor and friend. After greeting each other amiably, the king asked his Jewish subject where he was g...
R. Yonatan Eibeshitz was a brilliant Torah scholar, preacher, and kabbalist. He led a Torah academy in Prague, and later served as rabbi in Metz and in the joint cities of Altona, Hamburg, and Wandsbek. R. Yonatan authored many works in the fields of Jewi...
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