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Elections (25)
Why didn't we think of this first?
Democracy is one of the hallmarks of our wondrous modern world, but it relies on a counterforce to sustain it.
Democracy and human rights are cornerstones of our moral vision in the modern era. Where do we Jews fit--historically and ideologically--into this picture?
The 20th century saw the expansion of democratic ideals on a global scale. How is this preparing us for the Messiah's "monarchy"?
Skeptic: This Moshiach of yours is a king, right? Believer: That is correct. Skeptic: So we're back to totalitarian rule, to monarchs who reign by Divine license. I thought we got over that a few centuries ago. Believer: Other than the fact that they're o...
Jews were the first to believe that an entire nation could govern itself in freedom and equal dignity. This has nothing to do with political structures, and everything to do collective moral responsibility.
By the Grace of G‑d In response to the greetings and congratulatory messages from eminent public figures, President Carter and Governor Carey of New York, whose personal letters were delivered by their representatives, senators and members of Congress, am...
When did we start treating those who blow themselves up on busses and lob rockets into kindergartens as soldiers in a legitimate army? How did the news media morph lawless terrorists into formal combatants?
What we should all consider about the election.
We must let the power-that-is know that we are highly dissatisfied. I ask of you all to go in droves to the local town hall meeting and vent. Scream and rage, beg and demand...
By the millions, Obama motivated us to register to vote. Excited by the prospect of change that Obama is promising, many of the new voters, and many of the veterans too, voted straight Democratic...
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