Ladies and gentlemen, though I usually don't utilize this platform to make personal requests, allow me to make an exception. This due to the magnitude of the issue at hand and all that is at stake.

It is our right and duty to make our voices heard. We must let the power-that-is know that we are highly dissatisfied. I ask of you all to go in droves to the local town hall meeting and vent. Scream and rage, beg and demand, and make it abundantly clear that this is not what we signed up for.

Pay no attention to those who say that we must be civil, courteous and reserved; ignore those who maintain that we should let those who are wiser and more experienced make the big decisions.

We've had enough already, and we must make our disgust clear.

Unfortunately we can't all secure private audiences with the decision maker. This is precisely why we have town hall meetings! So that we "commoners" can be heard. Let us not waste this golden opportunity we are being afforded.

No, I'm not referring to the universal healthcare brouhaha, but to something else entirely. Let me explain:

We are currently in the month of Elul, the month of preparation for the upcoming Days of Awe. The mystics teach that during this month G‑d is especially accessible to each of us. Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi gave a parable to illustrate this idea:

When the king is ensconced within his palace, it is extremely difficult for the average citizen to secure an audience with him. There are times, however, that the king leaves the capital city and ventures out into the field. While there, every one of his subjects has the opportunity to greet him. The king graciously and radiantly receives every single one of them and grants their requests. All that is needed was the courage to approach the king...

Similarly, Rabbi Schneur Zalman explains, during the month of Elul, you don't have to be a special person to have G‑d's ear. He's there, in the proverbial field, waiting for you to approach and state your business.

In today's mostly non-agrarian society, the king (or president, senator, mayor, etc.) needs to find a venue other than the fields where he can touch base with the average soccer mom or hockey dad. Which, I presume, is how the "town hall meeting" in its current incarnation came to be...

So, if I can be allowed the impertinence of bringing Rabbi Schneur Zalman's parable a bit closer to home, I submit that during this month G‑d is in town hall meeting mode... And even if your campaign donation to His cause (i.e. Torah and mitzvot) was negligible you can make your case.

He won't call security on you, even if you shout; He actually wants to hear what you have to say.

Which leads me back to my original request.

We desperately need reform. A complete overhaul of the system. A universal one. Way too many people are sick, dying, oppressed, impoverished and in all sorts of pain. Way too many swim in an ocean of darkness, desperate for a glimmer of bright G‑dly affection.

Best of all, we know that G‑d can easily pull off this reform—without raising taxes.

So why doesn't He?!

So, if you share this frustration, please let's utilize this opportunity.

Let's make our voices heard.