"The pirates are attacking!" the captain screamed. "To your posts!"

Smoke filled the air as little men jumped from the dark and ominous dreaded pirate ship called the Amalek.

"Oh no..." the captain groaned when he realized that this wasn't just any group of pirates.

"Fire the 9 pounder demi-culverins!" he ordered his men.

"SUPPER!!!" the voice from downstairs could barely be heard over the din of battle.

The Amalek's men were gaining ground as they took control of the upper deck.

"David," Ben said, opening the door to his brother's room, "Mummy is calling you." Then he saw the large battle taking place between the Lego ships. "What's going on?" he asked.

"The Amaleks are attacking," David explained.

"Who are they?" Ben asked.

"We learned about them in the weekly Torah reading class this week," David said. "They were the first ones to attack the Jewish people in the desert after they came out of Egypt, and now they are a ferocious pirate gang who are terrorizing this innocent cargo ship!"

"Now I remember," Ben said, "except for the bit about the pirates. Did you know that we have a special mitzvah to destroy Amalek because of what they did?"

"Yes," David replied, "but in our days, my teacher told us, we can't observe it because we don't really know who Amalek is anymore."

"But," David said after a pause, "I heard there are still ways we can fight Amalek."

"But," Ben said, confused, "if we don't know who they are, how can we fight them?"

"Amalek represents feeling cold towards keeping mitzvot. All the other nations were excited to hear that the Jewish people had come out of Egypt with great miracles, like the Splitting of the Sea. They wouldn't dare attack them. But Amalek was cold to the wonders and miracles. They said 'So what!' and attacked the Jews. Like those wicked pirates attacking innocent people," David said, pointing to the black pirate ship.

"And we destroy Amalek by making sure that we are always excited to do a mitzvah, to study some Torah, to do what's right."

"Well," Ben said, "so in that case, let's go down for supper because Mummy is waiting for us and we don't want to let Amalek win this time!"