It was a bright, sunny Sunday afternoon. Tony and his sister Lena are strolling through the fun-fair in a massive park nearby their house. The park is filled with people of all shapes and sizes, all milling around the masses of entertainment. There are all sorts of rides, dizzy ones, fast ones and even scary ones.

They had both had a shot at the shooting grounds, bumped and zoomed around on the go-carts and were now looking around the various stalls, each with a different game and similar prizes. "I wonder what I would do with a teddy bear anyways," said Lena, getting slightly bored. "Let's go find something interesting to do."

"How about that," said Tony, pointing towards an enclosed area with a donkey inside. A funny man with a red scarf and green trousers was next to it and a lot of people standing around looking. "Looks interesting," said Lena, "let's head over there."

"What is he doing?" Tony asked one of the spectators. "Shhh!" hissed the man, "He is talking to the donkey and the donkey is meant to be talking back to him," he whispered, "but quiet now, we are all trying to hear." Tony and Lena laughed in disbelief. "A donkey talking to a man?" Lena whispered incredulously, "maybe if we give the guy some alcohol the donkey will talk back to him," she laughed. "Ye, but we'd have to give everyone else some as well…so they'd be able to hear too!" replied Tony. They both began laughing. But, interested, they both edged closer to the fence to see what the man was up to.

"Is it actually possible for a donkey to talk?" asked Lena.

"It has been done before," replied Tony, trying to listen to what the man was saying.


"Yeah," said Tony, "Balaam's donkey spoke him."

"Who's Balaam?" asked Lena.

"He's the guy that wanted to curse the Jewish people. This week's Torah portion tells us all about it."

"Tell me more," said Lena, interested.

"Ok," said Tony, "Balak was this evil king of Moab who wanted to harm the Jewish people. So he got the famous wizard and sorcerer Balaam to come and curse the Jews. He thought that way he could stop them from entering the Land of Israel. On the way to cursing the Jews, as Balaam was riding on his donkey an angel stood in the way of his donkey with a fiery sword in his hand. The donkey saw the angel and was afraid and stopped moving. But Balaam didn't see the angel and began shouting and hitting the donkey, yelling that it should move. The donkey tried to, but the angel still stood in their way. Balaam, infuriated, kept hitting him. Suddenly the donkey opened his mouth and began talking!

"Anyways, in the end Balaam couldn't even curse the Jews. When he opened his mouth to say the curse, he began blessing the Jews instead!"

"Oh my," said Lena, "I guess he didn't know that G‑d was determined that the Jewish people would get the Land of Israel!"

"Anyways," she said, "I'm getting bored of this fake, his donkey is not going to talk, and I think he definitely is on alcohol. Let's move on."