II Kings 4:42-5:19.

This week's haftorah describes how a prophet miraculously cured an Aramite general of his tzara'at ailment. The bulk of this week's Torah reading discusses this skin disease and its related impurity.

The haftorah begins with a brief mention of one of the prophet Elisha's miraculous feats. He received a paltry gift of twenty loaves of bread and a sack of grain. At Elisha's insistence, this gift was shared amongst his hundred students. The food was enough for all—and there was even leftovers.

Naaman, general of the powerful Aramite armies, contracted tzara'at. A young captive Israelite maid advised him to seek the assistance of the "prophet in Samaria." Acting on this suggestion, the king of Aram dispatched a message to the king of Israel, "Behold I have sent Naaman my servant to you, and you shall cure him of his tzara'at!"

The king of Israel panicked, until Elisha sent him a message: "Why have you rent your garments? Let him come to me now, and let him know that there is a prophet in Israel!"

Elisha advised Naaman to immerse in the Jordan River. Despite his initial reluctance to do so, Naaman carried out the prophet's orders, and was immediately healed.

Elisha refused to accept any gifts from Naaman. The general promised Elisha that he would no longer serve any deity other than the One G‑d, and he departed.