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Guest Columnists

It’s Jewish to Worry
This instinct to look after others is ingrained in us from the Torah itself.
Illuminating the Darkest Moments of Your Life
Often, the context we assign to experiences is really a projection of how we view ourselves.
Why Judah Lost His Cool
Diplomacy is great, but sometimes you gotta throw down the gauntlet
A fire ignited within him, an urgent drive that granted neither time nor space to negotiate. He summoned his inner ninja and did the unthinkable: he confronted the prince of Egypt himself and demanded the release of the Jewish boy. There was nothing to discuss—it simply had to happen!
The Power of Story in Our Lives
When we can look back at the events of our past and embrace them for being the perfect training ground for who we are today, then we can begin to be the authors of our own lives.
Joseph: A Pictorial
A series of drawings by Dutch artist Shoshannah Brombacher, based on the Biblical stories about Joseph, the son of the patriarch Jacob
Can Love Overcome Resentment?
A Lesson from Vayigash
Judah was essentially saying, "It makes no difference whether I think that my father was unfair. I have reached deep within myself and know that the most important truth is that I love my father and I cannot allow him such pain..."
Thriving in Hostile Territory
Exile is a crucible; the challenges and difficulties of thriving in a hostile world provide the optimal setting for personal and national growth. However, if we become comfortable in our exile and feel that we are in a “home away from home,” we become vulnerable . . .
A Lesson Before Hebrew School
Nancy called my father, complaining that the school van never came to pick up her kids. It didn’t take long for my father to realize what I had done . . .
Serach, the Daughter of Asher
Who was Serach? Let us look in the Midrashic accounts—and even travel to Iran—to gain a better understanding.
Joseph Budgeted for Waste. Do You?
But in the midst of the chaos and aggravation, there is a little phrase I hold on to that helps me keep my sanity.
Till When Do You Need to Be Mr. Nice Guy?
It’s nice to be nice … until something of vital importance is at stake. (“Parsha Perks” with Dr Michael Chighel | Vayigash)
Perseverance Vs. Perfection
An Essay on Vayigash
The Joseph-Judah relationship and the points at which their paths converge continue throughout history. From the sale of Joseph onward, Judah and Joseph constantly interact with each other, and their relationship continues in various forms. Here, in Parshat Vayigash, their interaction is a confrontation, as the Midrash comments, “‘Then Judah went up to him’ – advancing to battle.”
When Things Cannot Get Any Worse
It can all feel so crippling, that it seems like there’s no way out. This week's Torah portion teaches us that there is!
The Riddle of the 10 Donkeys
When you have occasion to give, give generously. Let the receiver know that you do so with enthusiasm and a full heart.
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