The earth will hear the sky will act
As witnesses to the solemn pact
Hashem has made with you and me
And our fathers throughout our history
Ask your elders they will tell
That as long as we did the mitzvos well
And lived as brothers undivided
Good things Hashem provided

We lived like princes and like kings
Healthy and happy with everything
Followed the Torah to be sure
That our nation’s future is secure
But though we may yield to the temptation
Of following the other nations
Hakodosh Boruch Hu sits and yearns
For all His children to return

Our teshuvah will not be in vain
Hashem will help and ease our pain
Our former glory He will restore
The am nivchar forevermore
Moshe said these devorim
Then Hashem commanded him
Climb up and look at Eretz Yisroel
But in the land you will never dwell