In Re'eh Hashem demands, by two mountains you shall stand
At Eival hear what happens if you sin, your reward at Har Grizim

Laws of maasar and shemitah, yom tov and tzedakah
Kosher food and treating slaves, these laws Hashem gave

Of treifeh (non-kosher) food Hashem disapproved, kosher animals have split hooves
Cows chew their cud before they swallow, these laws we follow

Of all the food that you prepare, one tenth is the Levi’s share
That is your responsibility, their work is a necessity

The poor too are in your care, it's shemitah every seventh year
The land don’t plow or til. It's hefker—that’s Hashem’s will

Another tenth set aside, maaser sheni you must abide
Bring it to Yerushalyim, this mitzvah you’ll be mekayem (fulfill)