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Guest Columnists

Escaping Dostoevsky's Polar Bear
It is natural and normal to experience anxiety and fear. The Chassidic masters provide a formula for exchanging it for positive, uplifting thoughts.
The Signposts Along My Road Towards a Torah-Observant Life
I had always felt like a fraud in a church, quite torn, but didn’t know how to begin to live life as a Jew. So I slogged along, well into middle age, not knowing where to begin.
The Right to Pursue Holiness
Laws protect our safety, ensure rights, resolve conflicts and bind us as a society. Without the underpinning of both righteousness and mercy, however, the resulting society we could create would be neither just nor holy.
A Matter of Trust
We spend our youth building up cynicism, and then we are suddenly expected to make all those big life changes, like marriage and kids, that require faith in our fellow human beings, not to mention in ourselves . . .
Your Child, Your Tree
When you come to think of it, a child needs the very same things a tree does in order to grow: "earth," "water," "sun" and "air"
The Final Frontier of Security
We know how to keep the burglars, terrorists and spammers out. Ironically, however, we still remain vulnerable to trespass of a different kind...
Are You Objective?
The Torah cautions us that the danger of bribery is not merely a possibility, nor even a probability. It is an automatic effect. We are all judges, all of the time . . .
Do I Need to Be Perfect in Order to Repent?
Simply put—you want to fix what you broke? The first step is to get “tamim.” But what does “tamim” mean?
Cities of Refuge Demystified
Learn about the ancient cities in Israel where killers and priests rubbed shoulders
The cities of refuge were only for those who killed accidentally, not knowing the consequences of their actions.
Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue!
In Hebrew, the word tzedek, which means “justice,” also means “righteousness.” Perhaps the dual use of the word “justice” means that we cannot pursue “justice” without also being “righteous.”
The Tree of Man
Man is compared to a tree. We must produce fruits with seeds for new trees and new fruits. This will cause all of creation to blossom.
On Attempting to
An Essay on Ki Teitzei
One end of the Torah is here on earth and the other end is in heaven, and it is on this bridge that G-d wants us to walk.
Can the Rabbinic Mitzvot Be Counted?
Why would Maimonides go to such extraordinary lengths to list all the Biblical commandments and then fall entirely silent when it comes to the Rabbinic ones?
Is Your Body Yours?
The ancient Greeks were fascinated with the human body, glorifying it and marveling at its finesse and power.
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