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Inner Stream

Ki Teitzei

Marriages are notorious for one-line zingers, but we tell them with a twinkle, because as much as we mean them, we really don’t, and as much as we don’t mean them, we really do.
The Wayward Son
The experience of life as a war between two impulses is normal. It is the way G‑d intended it. However, to gain the upper hand in this struggle requires a superhuman effort, an act made possible only by the grace of G‑d.
Why, they asked, did the Torah sometimes engage in completely hypothetical hyperbole? So that it can be made great and glorious.
The Skeptic
The skeptic can destroy, in an instant, understandings and commitments that take years to establish. What makes it difficult to contend with is his imperviousness to argument or debate. This is the spirit of the Biblical Amalek...
Does the Torah Punish a Rape Victim?
s it true that the Torah requires rape victims to marry their rapists, and the only punishment to the rapist is a fifty-shekel fine paid to the victim’s father?