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The Eye of the Soul
"Blessing" is a very important word. So is "Curse", "You" and "Today". But the most important word in the sentence is the three-letter verb that opens the parshah: "See"
A Choice of Choices
There is good and there is evil, blessing and curse, light and darkness; now choose. Not much of a choice, is it? So what's all this talk about "freedom of choice"?
It's Not Easy To Be a Son
Try ignoring your parents. Not only is it possible -- it often feels right and necessary. After all, they let you do it. Sometimes they even seem to want you to...
Holy Lunch
Have you ever closed a deal, celebrated your marriage (or its anniversary), or simply spent time with a good friend—without eating something together? Why do our teeth, gullet and stomach figure so prominently in who, how, where and with whom we are?
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