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Shelach Crossword


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5             6


  1. Fringes worn on the corners of a four-cornered garment, called _______, remind us of the mitzvot we have to do
  2. The name of this week's Parshah (Torah portion)
  3. The Jews were told that Israel is a land "flowing with milk and _______"


  1. The number of spies Moses sent to the Land of Canaan
  2. Out of all the spies, only _______ and Caleb had good things to say about the land
  3. Today, when we bake bread, we burn a small piece of the dough, just like in the times of the Mishkan they gave a portion to G‑d; this is the mitzvah of ______
  4. Because they did not want to go into the Land of Israel, the Jews would now have to roam in the desert for _______ years
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