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Parshah Musings


A Jew is a Jew is a Jew. It’s not where you are that counts, it’s what you’re doing
I don't get it. We've got no Jews, no rabbis, no home grown talent, that we need a Bilaam to introduce such a fundamental concept as the messianic redemption?
Close Your Blinds
We live in an age of revelation; privacy is passé. All the more reason to recall Balaam's vision of the goodly tents of the Israelite camp...
And This You Call Religion?
It’s easy to mock the ancient idol worshippers for their misplaced emphasis on style over substance, but how many of us make similar mistakes in our personal lives?
I Have Sinned
Don’t just sit back waiting for people to bring their troubles to you; go out and make the needs of others your business. We are all responsible for each other and ignorance is never, ever an excuse.
Where is the grandeur and excitement of granules of crushed earth?
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