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Parshah Musings


He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t dissemble. He pays the tax man his due and his suppliers on the dot.
Why Do People Die for Judaism?
When he was being led, manacled, out of his home, the final words he addressed to his children were, “Dear children, dedicate your lives to that for which I am being arrested.”
Why would you repeat every piece of malicious gossip you hear? If you know you’re not helping the situation, surely you are always better off saying nothing than saying too much.
You've lost it! Goodbye "Great communicator"; Let's welcome "King of the household, rigid ruler of the little people..."
Good News Is Not News
Just as some businessmen become traumatized by the mistakes of their early career and refuse to ever again venture into uncharted territory or speculative investments, it must have been so tempting for the Jews to play it safe and await further orders.
By the end of the day I've got nothing to show for all my reformist zeal. I'm probably better off going back to my old ways. Or am I? I'll wake up early and decide, first thing tomorrow morning.
What I Learned from a Snakebite
All my rosy dreams of the fast track to success have long since dissipated, ground down by the realities of my sterile existence. - Anonymous Israelite
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