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Guest Columnists

How I Find Meaning Within the Mystery of Judaism
Embrace the struggle that is part of a nuanced and complex life. Be humble and stay open to the lesson.
Why Only a Few Drops of Water Came from the Rock
A lesson in giving
The people of Israel were dying of dehydration. But where would they find water in the barren and arid desert?
Reflections on Leave-Taking
We really should not have to die at all, despite Adam's sin. And G-d, so to speak, is sensitive to this. It "embarrasses" Him...
Remember the Story of Miriam Every Day
Miriam’s self-sacrifice and determination serve as an ever-present inspiration.
Hidden Good
How does the agent of destruction become the agent of healing?
What Was the Red Heifer?
An overview of the Parah Adumah from classical sources
Learn about the mysterious red heifer, which left even King Solomon, the wisest of all men, scratching his head in wonderment.
Aaron, the Clouds and the Long Road to the Holy Land
Bereft of the aura of the untouchable, Israel became vulnerable to external threats.
Moses Strikes the Rock: The Full Story
Moses striking the rock is among the most famous and enigmatic stories in the Torah.
Do Skeptics Make You Have a Cow?
The Red Heifer is the single most incomprehensible commandment in the Torah. By the same token, it most accurately represents the most incomprehensible part of the soul.