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Inner Stream

Boots on the Ground
You can live a higher spiritual lifestyle when you are living in serenity, away from temptation and social challenges, but how do you know how you might respond when challenged?
Loyal to Whom?
Is our loyalty to the company, society or marriage to which we have committed ourselves, or to our position within it?
Kosher for an Hour
The spies were “kosher for an hour.” This was taken into account when punishment was meted out.
What I Learned from a Tree
We humans like to plant trees. But as we tend and care for them, we ought to reflect on what we can learn from them as well.
The Struggle of Gradual Growth
Seismic shifts in perspective come in stages. When a radically new idea is proposed, we might embrace it on its merits, but we don’t immediately realize its full application.
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