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Chumash Classes: Shemini

Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 1
The eighth day of consecration of the Tabernacle
Chp. 9 verses 1 - 3: Introduction. The eighth day of consecration of the Tabernacle. The ten crowns that were bestowed upon the day and the sacrifices that were brought.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 2
Chp. 9 verses 4 - 16: Continues with the sacrifices that were brought by Aaron on the eight day of the consecration of the Mishkan and the induction of Aaron and his sons into the priesthood.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 3
Aaron raises his hands and blesses the people
Chp. 9 verses 17 - 24: Continues with the sacrifices brought by Aaron on the eighth day of the dedication of the Mishkan. He raises his hands and blesses the people. Moshe and Aaron pray together and the glory of Hashem appears and a fire comes down and consumes the burnt offering and the fats on the alter. The people shout out and praise Hashem and they fall on their faces.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 4
The two sons of Aaron bring a strange fire of incense into the Mishkan
Chp. 10 verses 1 - 3: The two sons of Aaron, Nadav and Avihu, bring a strange fire of incense into the Mishkan. As a result they are burnt by a heavenly fire which kills them. Moshe explains to Aaron the significance of their sacrifice and how it brought honor to Hashem before the people, and Aaron was silent.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 5
The prohibition of being intoxicated in the Mishkan
Chp. 10 verses 4 - 11: Story of Rabbi Yochanan Ben Yaki and the death of his son and his students attempt to console him. The bodies of Nadav and Avihu are taken by their uncles out of the Mishkan. Moshe instructs Aaron and his remaining sons not to leave the precincts of the Mishkan and not to mourn. However, he tells the people to do so for them. Hashem speaks only to Aaron and instructs him about the prohibition of being intoxicated while performing the service in the Mishkan, on the penalty of death.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 6
Chp. 10 verses 12 - 20: Moshe tells Aaron and his remaining two sons to complete the service of the dedication of the Mishkan by bringing the remaining sacrifices. He questions Elazar and Ithamar angrily about the burning of the new month offering and why it wasn't eaten. Aaron answers Moshe question sternly, fearing that the accusation might cause the death of his remaining two sons. Moshe accepts Aaron's answer graciously and realizes that he had erred.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 7
The dietary laws
Chp. 11 verses 1 - 6: Dietary laws, the two signs that make an animal kosher. The camel, the badger, and the hare, the three animals that chew their cud and do not have split hooves. Symbolic thoughts.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 8
Signs that make a fish kosher
Chp. 11 verses 8 - 12: Continues with the dietary laws. The portion mentions the pig, the only animal that has split hooves and doesn't chew its cud. Next we learn about fish there are no names only the signs that make a fish kosher, fins and scales.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 9
The dietary laws of birds
Chp. 11 verses 13 - 32: Continues with the dietary laws of birds. A list of twenty-four birds that are not kosher. Continues with insects and the 8 things that swarm upon the earth. The concept of spiritual defilement going to a Mikvah, washing one's clothing and being unclean until the sun sets.
Chumash Classes: Shemini, Part 10
The power of a Mikvah
Chp. 11 verses 33 - 47: Continues with earthen ware vessels, and their laws. The role that liquids play in preparation of spiritual defilement. The power of a Mikvah to purify people and vessels after being defiled. Hashem is holy and He took us out of Egypt to elevate us that we too should be holy, specifically by watching what we eat.
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