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Chumash Classes: Vayakhel

Chumash Classes: Vayakhel, Part 1
Introduction to the portion of Vayakhel
Chp. 35 verses 1 & 2: Introduction, Moshe gathers all the people on the day after he comes down from the mountain with the second set of tablets. This included the women, which was not the norm. He told them all the things that Hashem had commanded them to do. He begins with the Shabbos, since it is equal to all the commandments in the Torah. He tells them to work six days but the seventh day should be a holy to them and a solemn day of rest to Hashem. Whoever would desecrate the day with any work would be put to death.
Chumash Classes: Vayakhel, Part 2
The prohibition of lighting a fire on shabbos
Chp. 35 verses 3 - 5: Not to light a fire in all your dwellings on Shabbos. Moshe told the children of Israel all that Hashem had commanded. To take from them an offering to Hashem of gold, silver, and brass.
Chumash Classes: Vayakhel, Part 3
The donated their jewelry to the Mishkan
Chp. 35 verses 6 - 22: Material for the Mishkan and its' vessels. All the wise of heart were inspired by Hashem to be able to make all that He had commanded. After they were told by Moshe what was needed they brought their offering for Hashem. The men came with the women. The women donated the jewelry that they would not give for the golden calf as a sign of their deep love and devotion to Hashem.
Chumash Classes: Vayakhel, Part 4
The work in the mishkan was overseen by Bezalel
Chp. 35 verses 23 - 35: Continues with the of material and metals that were donated. Some by those who just happened to find those things that were needed amongst their possessions. Others who had a generous heart and also those who desired and found that they had special talents to create those artifacts that were needed for the Tabernacle. All of these works were overseen and instructed by Bezalel and Oholiab, who were from the tribes of Yehudah and Dan. Hashem filled them with all types of wisdom in all manners of skillful workmanship, in all crafts and weaving.
Chumash Classes: Vayakhel, Part 5
A review of what was made for the Mishkan
Chp. 36 - 37 - 38: This chp. and the next two are a review of that which was made for the Mishkan. It is noted that the donations were brought with an alacrity. Also that there was enough and at the same time to much. Chp. 37 continues with the statement that Bezalel was the one who made the Ark. Again a review of the making of the Table, making of the Lamp, and the making of the Incense Alter. Chp. 38, The making of the Sacrificial Alter, the making of the Washstand, and the making of the Enclosure.
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