Inner Stream

The Moment of Shared Intimacy
Moses could have demanded entry into the Tabernacle, but he didn’t. He humbly demurred. Ironically, it was only on account of his humility that he was invited to enter the Tabernacle.
But It Was a Mistake!
Why must a Jew be taken to task for an innocent mistake? He had no intention of disobeying G‑d’s law—why is his behavior considered sinful and in need of atonement?
Two Kinds of Blessings
There are two forms of blessings; those provided by G‑d's universe, and those we earn by the sweat of our brow and the toil of our hands. These two forms of blessings are represented by the animal offering and the wine libation.
The Power to Please
How does fulfilling one commandment atone for transgressing another?
The Daily Offering: A Little Is Enough
You don’t need to do something showy to connect with G‑d. The daily offering can be achieved with something short and to the point.
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