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Guest Columnists

The Power of Memory
Parshat Zachor
It isn't mere coincidence that every totalitarian regime in history, as the first step in cementing its hold on the people under its rule, has first exerted control over their memory...
Remember: The Answer to Terrorism
When we understand the root and essence of terrorism, we also understand how despite its awful power we can fight it, each and every one of us, until it is absolutely destroyed.
Wipe Out Amalek, Today?
If the Torah commands the Jewish people to wage an eternal war against the nation of Amalek, why aren’t you seeking out Amalekites to kill?
Amalek and the Irrational Antisemites of All Generations
An Essay on Parshat Zachor
Fundamental hatred does not derive from any reason whatsoever, nor does it end when the hater recognizes and is rationally aware of the other's virtues.
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