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From the Chassidic Masters

Criminal Litigant Partner
In the Talmud, the laws of Mishpatim are expounded upon in three "gates" -- Bava Kama, Bava Metzia, and Bava Batra. The Rebbe sees these as three stages in the social and spiritual journey of man
On the complex and much misunderstood relationship between our obedience to and our understanding of G-d's law
The Logic of the Mitzvot
Our Sages differentiate between the rational mitzvot (mishpatim) and the supra-rational mitzvot (chukim); a third, intermediate category are the "testimonial" or commemorative mitzvot (eidot). But in essence, says the Rebbe, the most rational mishpat is a chok and the most esoteric chok has mishpat characteristics
Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
What is the correlation between life's responsibilities and its rewards? If we "do our best" will G-d give us everything we need, or is reward measured by achievement? The law of the "Four Guardians" as a model for the duties and priviliges of man
Mixes and Mergers
We instinctively categorize our world by species, element, gender, and countless other criteria. But how real are these distinctions? Insights into the Biblical prohibition against cooking meat with milk
Doing Business with G-d
Torah law forbids charging interest for a loan, but with a heter iska form, one is permitted to profit on invested capital. Is this not a violation of the spirit of the law? What indeed is the “spirit” of this law?
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