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Mishpatim Print

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4              5           
8  9           


  1. We must keep meat and ______ separate
  2. When a Jew lends money, he is not allowed to charge _______
  3. The Torah tells us that even a ______ must be treated with respect, as well as given proper food and care
  4. We must be extra kind to widows and ________
  5. If somebody steals and then sells an ox, he must pay back _____ times the original value
  6. This week's parshah


  1. Number of mitzvot taught in this parshah
  2. We learn about three festivals in this parshah, Pesach, Shavuot, and __________
  3. The seventh day of the week, a day of rest
  4. After _____ years, a Jewish servant goes free

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