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From the Chassidic Masters

"In the beginning G‑d created the heavens and the earth..." seems an obvious opening line. What could be more natural than to begin at The Beginning? Yet many of the commentaries question that very premise
The Speed of Light
What is time? And if we understood what time is—and what are the “windows” of timelessness within our existence—what practical difference would this make in our lives?
The First Creation
"Creation" (beriah, in the Hebrew), which means bringing something into being out of a prior state of non-existence, implies a "before" and "after"; so to say that G-d created anything is also to say that He first (or simultaneously) created time...
The text of the traditional engagement contract alludes to the cosmic energies which are unleashed by a Jewish marriage, a throwback to the supernal mechanisms which led to the creation of the worlds.
Contrary to common perception, time does not stop when we rest: it flows inward
G‑d's Business
Was Adam and Eve's sin part of "the plan"?
Forbidden Fruit
The connection between the sin of the Tree of Knowledge and menstruation; the spiritual significance of the seven days of Niddah and the eleven days of Zivah
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