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Kedoshim Audio Classes

Basic Parshah - Kedoshim
An overview of the weekly Parshah, through the eyes of the many commentators, enriching your understanding of how our great history unfolded.
Kedoshim - In Depth
Audio | 31:21
Kedoshim - In Depth
An in depth look at the weekly Parshah based on the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
Kedoshim - To Catch A Thief
This week’s Torah portion tells of the prohibition of having false scales. Our sages teach that one who transgresses and just makes a false scale—without actually using it—is punished. Why such measures when no harm has yet been caused?
The Chassidic Dimension - Kedoshim
An in depth presentation of Chassidic teachings on the weekly Parshah.
Parshah Insight: Kedoshim
A five minute weekly Torah insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.
Kabbalah on the Bible – Kedoshim
Examining the weekly Torah reading through the lens of contemporary commentary, showing how topical and relevant the parshah's ideas really are.
An advanced presentation of Chassidic teachings on the Parshah.
Chumash and Rashi: Kedoshim
Parshah with Rabbi Gordon
Is It Possible to Love Another As We Love Ourselves?
A Taste of Text—Kedoshim
On a simple level, loving another means treating them with the respect with which you would want to be treated. On a deeper level, it is the ability to love another, like a father loves a child, regardless of who and what they are.
A Stumbling Block Before the Blind
Letters and Numbers of Torah - Kedoshim
"Do not place a stumbling block before the blind" (Leviticus 19:14) can also mean not to knowingly give bad advice. The Hebrew word for "stumbling block" appears 12 times in the Torah and Prophets and this is the only time it is spelled with a vav. How does this missing letter teach us the difference between good advice and bad?
Fair Weights and Measures
Parsha Kedoshim
Why does Maimonides equate the commandment of keeping fair weights and measures to the commandment of believing in the Exodus? The answer leads to a better understanding of the Exodus as the foundation of all commandments and also the issue of free choice in the face of Divine decree. (Based on Likkutei Sichos, vol. 27, pp. 149)
How to Be Holy
Audio | 1:16:32
How to Be Holy
How to Study Torah - Acharei-Kedoshim
The Torah commands us "to be holy." What does this injunction mean? Many commentaries explain that it refers to not indulging even in permissible pleasures. What is the difference between asceticism and holiness?
The Beard
Audio | 1:07:02
The Beard
Practical Parshah—Kedoshim
A detailed explanation of how the commandment “Do not destroy the corners of your beard” (Lev. 19:27) is understood in various communities.
The Weightiest Mitzvah!
Parshah Curiosities: Kedoshim
This class gives an enhanced understanding of the importance attached to ethical business conduct, spelling out the Torah take on cheating your fellows in commerce in vivid detail. Discover why lying about “weight and measures” is like denying the Exodus itself!
Parshah Insights: Kedoshim
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Mnemonics: Kedoshim
Decoding the hidden messages
The parsha of Acharei contains 64 verses and the mnemonic is the words ‘Vanoga’ and ‘Mei-Zahav’. Explore the coded message in the mnemonic and its connection to the general themes of the parshah.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim
Am I My Brother’s Keeper?
A timely and incisive discovery about the foundational biblical cornerstone; “Do not stand by as your fellow’s blood is being shed.” Presented in Toronto on the day after a horrific vehicular terrorist attack kills 10 innocent pedestrians on the peaceful city streets. This profound rumination about the extent of responsibility for others carefully scrutinizes the Oral Torah’s sacred teachings that accompany the scripture; concluding with a climatic analysis of Rashi’s unique commentary as illuminated by the Rebbe. This dissertation also offers critical commentary on the dangerous state of affairs in the Western World and its glaring lack of moral clarity!
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