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Parshah Musings

You Talking About Me?
Man's essence is a mass of conflicting unrealized emotions. Give a nudge in a positive--or negative-- direction and the flow-on effects can be remarkable
Say That Again, Please
How many great philosophical systems have disappeared, how many revivalist movements have petered out because insufficient attention was accorded to initiating the young into the beauty and purpose of their elders' existence....
The Kohen Gene
Generation after generation of Jewish women were faithful to their husbands and their tradition. What a proud record of fidelity. Geneticists describe these results as "the highest record of paternity-certainty ever recorded"!
Can I Have Some Food, Please?
So you said a blessing and asked G-d for some of His food—did you get an answer? Isn’t it still His, no matter how nicely you asked? What does muttering a few Hebrew words before partaking really accomplish?
Todah: Showing Gratitude
We generally don’t really appreciate that which we have until there’s a risk of losing it.
Are Your Kids Good-Looking?
Would parents still love their children if they didn’t think they were intelligent and beautiful and talented?
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