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Parshah Musings

As the fires of assimilation threaten, and the harsh winds of history blow towards us, there is a danger that we may mistakenly leave Judaism behind in exchange for a carload of worthless junk.
What matters in life is not who you are, or to which gender you belong, but what you can contribute to the common cause. You have a specialized skill? Then utilize your ability to bring beauty and greatness to the world.
Building the mishkan was the most holy and intricate task that the Jews were assigned during their sojourn in the desert. Nonetheless, every Friday night all work on this magnificent edifice would come to a grinding halt
Let It Be Done
The Torah states "work shall be done" -- the passive voice. Becoming so totally devoted to one's job, such that one's work is one's total preoccupation and obsession, is totally unhealthy and an affront to the divine system. You may have to work, but let it be done
Raising Funds and Children
Men, women and children all lined up to contribute to the cause. One would hardly imagine that the children's gift made much of a difference to a project as grand as that of the Tabernacle...
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