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Parshah Musings

Ki Tisa

How can the observer be sure who is fighting for G‑d and who’s just making excuses—claiming to be fighting for G‑d but in reality motivated out of spite or petty vindictiveness?
Some people are cheap, penny-pinching their way through life. Other people give generously when asked and are equally lavish when spending on themselves. But it’s a rare individual who sacrifices his own creature comforts to better provide for the needs of others.
Why Keep the Broken Pieces?
Aren't the the broken tablets symbol of our crime and punishment? Why stockpile a souvenir of the depravity to which we sank in the holiest chamber of the holiest edifice on earth?
Strings and Knots
Obsessive Compulsive
What is gained by ritually washing hands which are already clean? A look at the history of medicine might provide an answer...
What’s the Point of Going Through the Motions?
Seemingly empty words and accompanying gestures that are even less sincere. They're not fooling G‑d, so why bother wasting time having people act out a meaningless charade?
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