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Inner Stream

Why G-d Listens to Rachel
All day, I couldn’t shake the haunting image of a child, shaken from sleep, startled out of complacency, crying instinctively for his mother.
Believe In Your Child
Believe in a child and the child will prove you right. Don’t believe in a child and the child will prove you right.
The River and the Pitcher
Jacob straddled the river, one foot planted on each bank. He passed his family and possessions across the divide. He now had to make the move himself . . . The hosts of heaven gathered to see which way he would lean.
The Love Trap
We are far more willing to tolerate differences with those who validate us than with those who don't. In a friend's hands such trust can enhance a relationship; but in the hands of a foe such trust can be cunningly exploited...
All About Angels
What are angels? How do they come into existence? What do they do for us?
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