If his sacrifice is a peace offering, if he brings it from cattle, whether male or female, unblemished he shall bring it before the L-rd. If he brings a sheep as his sacrifice, then he shall bring it before the L-rd. And he shall lean his hand [forcefully] upon the head of his sacrifice, and slaughter it before the Tent of Meeting... (Leviticus 3:1, 7-8)

The free-will peace offering was the only sacrifice shared by the person who brought it and the priest, while the rest of the animal was completely consumed by fire. In the painting, a humble figure leans over his sacrifice, a white lamb, which he offers with devotion. Behind him, the figure of the priest tends to the red-hot fire. Another peace offering, a looming red bull, stands in sharp contrast to the blue sky. The rapport between the elements—earth, fire, heaven—suggests the way in which this sacrifice brought an influx of peace and harmony into the world.