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Life in a Box
Of a heart agitated by financial worries, only a small corner is free for pure feelings towards a loved one. Of a mind consumed by business, only a small amount of brain power is diverted a few daily minutes of meaningful learning. At best, only miniscule "samplings" of our resources are dedicated to a worthy purpose. Is it even worth the effort?
The Positive Negative
If the Torah's description of Noah's righteousness can be understood both ways, why do the sages propose a negative interpretation?
The Window
Noah’s dispatch of the dove from the ark: passive and active anticipation.
The Memory of Water
You were one with your environment: you were the universe and the universe was yourself. There was no I, she, it or that, for all being was one
Sons of Noah
Noah lived 950 years. That’s enough time to do everything wrong and everything right.
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