The L‑rd spoke to Moses saying: Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying: This is how you shall bless the children of Israel, saying to them: "May the L‑rd bless you and watch over you. May the L‑rd cause His countenance to shine to you and favor you. May the L‑rd raise His countenance toward you and grant you peace." (Numbers 6:22-26)

The first time the priest​ly ​blessing was pronounced over the Israelites was the day that the Tabernacle was inaugurated. Raising their hands ​over their heads, ​the priests spread out the​ir​ fingers, and ​Divine light flow​ed​through t​he spaces between their fingers into the sanctuary and ​onto the people. Since that time, the kohanim continue to extend the​ir hands, creating a channel for divine favor to flow ​down upon us.

According to the Zohar this "spreading of hands" has profound symbolic significance. The lifting of the priests’ hands with the intention of drawing down blessings has much power and potential. Here in the painting there is a lot of energy in the many hands reaching upward, connecting heaven and earth. The subtlety of the pastel colors, with a predominance of soft pinks and blues, communicates a feeling of love and peace, capturing the spirit of unconditional love that poured through the kohanim.