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Covenant & Conversation

Thoughts on the Weekly Parshah from Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

How does a Jew speak to a non-Jew about G‑d? What is particular and what is universal in the religious life? In its approach to this, Judaism is unique.
A reasonable case could be made that Joseph was the first economist. But why the predominance of Jews in economics in the modern age?
What we want to happen, happens, but not always when we expect, or in the way we expect, or merely because we wanted it to happen.
To Wait Without Despair
Whatever happened to Joseph was the result of someone else’s deed: those of his father, his brothers, his master’s wife, the chief jailer, or G‑d himself. Joseph was the ball thrown by hands other than his own.
A disguise is an act of hiding—from others, and perhaps from oneself. From G‑d, however, we cannot, nor do we need to, hide.
Hubris is usually punished by nemesis and so it was in Joseph’s case. Far from being a ruler, his brothers turned him into a slave. That, however, turned out not to be the end of the story but only the beginning.