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Covenant & Conversation


We are spiritual beings but we are also physical beings. We cannot be spiritual, close to G‑d, all the time. That is why there is secular time as well as holy time.
Eternity and Mortality
Then there is the exclusion of a Kohen who had a physical blemish—blind or lame, had a deformed nose or misshapen limb, a crippled leg or hand, a hunchback or a dwarf. Why?
Faith as a Journey
What was truly remarkable about the wilderness years was not that the Israelites were surrounded by the clouds of glory, but that they were an entire nation without a home or houses; they were like nomads without a place of refuge.
On Not Being Afraid of Greatness
Embedded in this week’s Parshah are two of the most fundamental commands of Judaism—commands that touch on the very nature of Jewish identity.
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