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When the Counting of the Omer begins on Sunday

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Perfect Score: When the Counting of the Omer begins on Sunday

We are commanded in the Torah to count, from the 2nd day of Passover, 49 days and ‘7 complete weeks’. This mitzvah is referred to as the Counting of the Omer. Our Sages comment that the count is only perfect when Passover begins on the Sabbath, and thus the count begins with the first day of the week – Sunday. In such a year (as is the case this year) the 7 weeks are indeed perfect. But this is highly puzzling for a number of reasons, one being that the mitzvah to Count the Omer is perfectly fulfilled every year regardless of what day of the week the count begins! In answering this difficulty, this class reveals the extraordinary blessing inherent in this year’s counting of the Omer.
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