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Counting the Omer

The Kabbala of Self-Refinement

This seven-part series follows the seven-week period of the Omer explaining how each week corresponds to another facet of our personalities.

Counting the Omer - Part 1
The Attribute of Loving Kindness (Chesed)
A general introduction to the concept of Counting the Omer as a process of self-refinement and a look at the attribute of loving kindness as the first of the seven emotional traits.
Counting the Omer - Part 2
The Attribute of Might and Strength (Gevurah)
If the previous week's trait of loving kindness enables us to say 'yes' to that which is good, then this week's trait of might and strength enables us to say 'no' to that which is not good.
Counting the Omer - Part 3
The Attribute of Compassion (Tiferet)
The attribute of Tiferet as a synthesis of the previous two qualities of kindness and strength is expressed as empathy and compassion toward others.
Counting the Omer - Part 4
The Attribute of Determination (Netzach)
Clarity of purpose comes from the attribute of Netzach which gives us the determination to bring feelings into action and ideals into reality.
Counting the Omer - Part 5
The Attribute of Gratitude (Hod)
The quality of Hod, the source of gratitude and humility, works in tandem with its opposite quality of Netzach to bring about balance and harmony.
Counting the Omer - Part 6
The Attribute of Commitment (Yesod)
The attribute of Yesod (literally “foundation”) is the ability to make a decision and commit to carrying out the previous five emotional qualities into action.
Counting the Omer - Part 7
The Attribute of Dignity (Malchut)
The seventh and final emotional quality, Malchut, is described as being a certain type of dignity or humble sense of authority.
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