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Chumash Classes: Kedoshim

Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 1
The Commandments to Fear your Parents and to keep the Sabbath
Chp. 19 verses 1 - 3: Introduction, Moshe speaks to all of the nation and tells them to be holy because G-d is holy. The commandments to fear your mother and father and to keep the Sabbath.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 2
The Peace Offering
Chp. 19 verses 4 - 8: Not to serve or make idols. That one should have the proper thoughts when bringing a sacrifice to Hashem. The peace offering, that is eaten for two days and one night, anything left over must be burnt on the third day. Anyone who eats from a sacrifice beyond its designated time, his soul will be cut off from his people.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 3
Leaving Produce for the Poor
Chp. 19 verses 9 - 14: Leaving produce from your field and vineyard for the poor. Not to steal, deal falsely, or lie. Not to swear falsely or profane G-d's name. Not to oppress your neighbor or withhold a workers wages. Not to curse a deaf person and not to place a stumbling block before a blind man.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 4
Love your Neighbor as Yourself
Chp. 19 verses 15 - 18: To not pervert justice. To not be a talebearer nor to stand by while your friends life is in jeopardy. Not to hate your brother in your heart. The obligation to rebuke someone properly. Not to take vengeance nor to bear a grudge. To love your neighbor as yourself.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 5
The Prohibition of Forbidden Mixtures
Chp. 19 verses 18 - 22: The prohibition of forbidden mixtures; animals, seeds, shatnez (wool and linen), and forbidden sexual relations with gentile maidservant. He brings a ram as a guilt offering to the Temple and his sin is forgiven.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 6
The Prohibition of Cutting the Beard
Chp. 19 verses 23 - 27: Forbidden activities; not to eat the produce of your trees for the first three years, and in the fourth year it is brought up to Jerusalem to be eaten. The fifth year will come with special blessings because of your actions. Not to eat from an animal that was brought as a sacrifice until the priest sprinkles the blood on the alter. Also not to eat the flesh of a non holy animal before its life has departed. Not to cut the corners of your head nor your beard.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 7
Honoring the Elderly
Chp. 19 verses 28 -32: The command not to cut your flesh or make marks or imprints on your body because of your grief for the dead. Not to give your single daughters over for prostitution. One should guard the Shabbos and show proper respect for the Temple. Not to consult with medians. To rise for an elder, honor a sage, and fear your G-d.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 8
The Obligation to Treat a Convert Properly
Chp. 19 verses 33 -37 Chp. 20 verses 1 -7: The obligation to treat a convert properly. Honest weights and measures. Chp. 20: this chapter informs us of the punishments for the sins that were mentioned in previous portion of Acharei. The prohibition of giving one's children to Molech, those that turn to mediums and oracles, and their punishments.
Chumash Classes: Kedoshim, Part 9
Chp. 20 verses 8 - 27: Continues with the punishments for the prohibited acts mentioned in the portion of Acharei.
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