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Chumash Classes: Acharei

Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 1
Introduction to the portion Acharei
Chp. 16 verses 1 & 2: Hashem tells Moshe to speak to Aaron his brother about not entering the Holy of Holies at any time so that he would not die.
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 2
The Yom Kippur service
Chp. 16 verses 3 - 7: Continues with the Yom Kippur service. The sacrifices that the high priest brought for himself and his family. Then the clothing that he wore while officiating.
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 3
Chp. 16 verses 8 - 17: Continues with the service of the high priest on Yom Kippor.
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 4
Chp. 16 verses 18 - 33
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 5
The prohibition of eating the blood of an animal and the punishment.
Chp. 16 verse 34: The conclusion of the service of the high priest on Yom Kippur. It was done once a year according to all that G-d commanded Moshe. Chp. 17 verses 1 - 12: Begins with the laws of not slaughtering an animal in or outside the camp. The only place that an animal could be slaughtered was in the Tabernacle. The penalty for transgressing this commandment was excision. It continues with the prohibition of eating the blood of an animal and the punishment.
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 6
The laws of forbidden relationships
Chp. 17 verses 13 - 16 Chp. 17 verses 1 - 3: The chapter ends with the laws of covering the blood and the prohibition of eating the blood. Also the prohibition of eating an animal that died by itself or by being torn by wild animals. Chp. 18 begins the laws of forbidden relations, and a warning to not go in the ways of the Egyptians or the Canaanites.
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 7
Chp. 18 verses 4 & 5: Continuing with the laws of forbidden relations. The necessity to do and keep Hashem's commandments and to walk in them because they are the will of the Lord God. We are commanded to observe them so that we can attain true life.
Chumash Classes: Acharei, Part 8
Chp. 18 verses 6 -30: Continues with relationships that are prohibited. Concludes with a warning that we should not follow the abominable customs of the nations that inhabited the land before us. So that we should not defile ourselves or the land that Hashem has given us.
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