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Chumash Classes: Metzora

Chumash Classes: Metzora, Part 1
The purification of the leper
Chp. 14 verses 1 - 4: Introduction to the portion, Hashem tells Moshe about the laws of the purification of the leper on the day of his purification. He is brought to the edge of the camp and the priest goes out and checks to see if he had been healed from his leprosy. If found to be cured they take for him two pure birds, cedar wood, scarlet wool, and a bunch of hyssop.
Chumash Classes: Metzora, Part 3
Leprosy on a house
Chp. 14 verses 21 - 35: Continues with the sacrifices and purification of the leper. The sacrifices are dependent on his financial situation. Next the third category, the leprosy of a house. The owner goes to the priest and says that it seems that there may a plague on my house.
Chumash Classes: Metzora, Part 4
Chp. 14 verses 36 - 57: Continues with the laws of leprosy of the house and all that the owner and the priest must do to the house and for atonement.
Chumash Classes: Metzora, Part 5
Chp. 15 verses 1 - 33: Begins with the laws of male discharges and seminal discharges. Continues with the laws of menstruation and female discharges.
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