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Chumash Classes: Vayikra, Part 5

The "Melika" ritual


Chumash Classes: Vayikra, Part 5: The "Melika" ritual

Chp. 1 verses 15 - 17 Chp. 2 verse 1: Continues with the "Olah" the burnt offering of the bird. Description and explanation of the ritual of "Melika." The priest cuts with his nail against the nape of the neck of the bird and cuts its neck until he reaches the windpipe and the gullet. The blood is pressed against the wall of the alter. The crop is removed and thrown on the east side of the ramp of the alter. Then the bird with its wing feathers are burnt on the alter. Chp. 2, begins with the meal offering which is brought from fine flour, oil, and frankincense.
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