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Chumash Classes: Terumah

Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 1
Introduction to the portion of Terumah
Chp. 25 verses 1 & 2: Why the term take and not give? The responsibility of the collectors of charity as well as the those who give.
Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 2
The offerings for the construction of the Mishkan
Chp. 25 verses 2 - 9:The offerings for the construction of the Mishkan, and their special meanings. Also the oil for the light, the spices for the anointing oil and sweet smelling incense. The onyx stones for the ephod and the stones for the breast plate. The command from Hashem " And let them make for Me a dwelling place so that I may dwell among them." Hashem commanded Moshe to fashion the Mishkan in accordance with the pattern that He had shown him while he was on the mountain.
Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 3
Description of the Ark
Chp. 25 verses 10 - 18: Description of the Ark; its dimensions, its construction, and materials used. The poles; the materials used to construct them and the rings that would hold them. The command that they should never be removed from the Ark. The Ark cover and its dimensions and the two cherubim that would be on the cover. They should be beaten out of the same block of gold as the cover.
Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 4
The Cherubim
Chp. 25 verses 19 - 30: Continues with the cherubim, that they should be placed on either end of the ark cover and that they should face each other. Also that the cover should be placed on top of the ark with the two tablets inside. Moshe was told that Hashem would talk to him from between the cherubim. Continues with the golden table and its dimensions. It should be made out of acacia wood covered with pure gold. They should also make two poles made out of acacia wood and then cover them with gold, they would be inserted into four rings to carry the table. They were also to make dishes, pans, jars, and bowls out of pure gold.
Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 5
Command to build the Menorah
Chp.25 verses 31 - 40: The command to make the Menorah. It had to be beaten out of one talent of gold. It consisted of a base with a shaft and six branches, seven lamps. There were twenty two cups, eleven knobs, and nine flowers that adorned the candelabra. They also made tongs and snuffdishes all made out of pure gold. This was all done according to the design that Moshe was shown on the mountain.
Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 6
Building the Tabernacle
The Tabernacle, the curtains for the walls their material and design and where they were to be placed. The fifty loops and the clasps of gold and where they were to be placed. The forty eight boards of the Mishkan made out of acacia wood, their pegs and their silver sockets. The five bars for the boards and their gold holders. Moshe was commanded to erect it according to the fashion that he had been shown on the mountain.
Chumash Classes: Terumah, Part 7
The partition for the Holy of Holies
Chp. 26 verses 31 - 37 Chp. 27 verses 1 - 19: The partition for the Holy of Holies, its' pillars, curtains, hooks and sockets. Chp. 27, a description of the copper alter and the vessels associated with it. Also its' dimensions and its' symbolism. The courtyard its' dimensions, pillars, curtains, silver hoops, silver hooks, and copper bases. Also stakes all made of copper.
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