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Devarim 5762 - July 12, 2002

The Holy Temple: an Anthology
What was the Holy Temple? Why was it destroyed? Do we have anything like it today? Do we really want to see it rebuilt and bring back those animal sacrifices? Seventeen essays, articles and stories on the holiest place on earth
Devarim in a Nutshell
For thirty-seven days Moses talks: recalling, reminding, rebuking, warning, promising; about the revelation at Sinai and their journeys through the desert, about spies and wars and victories and the Land, and what it’s like to serve as a leader of G‑d’s chosen people.
A Dialogue on Intermarriage

Dear Rabbi Abrahamson: My name is Juan. Unfortunately, I do not have the honor of being a Jew. I am 26 years old and a year ago I met a Jewish girl whose name I prefer not to reveal. Obviously you must imagine where all this is leading....
A Million Little Cables

"This was all good and well," explained the old navy diver, "when the ship had been under for a month or so. After that it would begin to rust and the hooks would bring up only huge chunks of iron, leaving the rest of the ship behind"
It's Deeper Down Here

We recognize a face, feel the cold, understand a concept; these are all expressions of memalleh, "filling" energy. Yet we all experience a more sublime consciousness -- the "encompassing" energy the Chassidic masters call sovev
I Knew Him

Dr. Gottlieb was on the 32a bus from Gilo that morning, on his way to treat three Down's Syndrome children -- something he did every Tuesday, gratis
On Shabbat Chazon ("Shabbat of Vision" -- the Shabbat preceding the Ninth of Av), we are each granted a vision of the Third Temple
— Chassidic master Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Barditchov
Print Magazine

We Jews are a diverse people. We speak many languages. We live in every part of the world. We have different cultures, foods, political views.

But when a Jew’s mind is absorbed within Torah, it is the same Torah within which another Jew is absorbed. And another Jew. And yet another.

We discuss and debate and share...