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Your Questions
Should We Have a Second Child?

If not now, when?
Why Did Non-Kosher Animals Become Jewish Names?

This seems strange, since the sages place great significance on a person’s name.
10 Tevet
What Is Asarah B'Tevet (Tevet 10)?
What does this day commemorate? Well, three things, actually.
What I Secretly Fear About the Coming of Moshiach

Moshiach is not only a solution for our pain in this life. If that’s what I believe, then why would I risk upheaval for the sake of something that doesn’t affect me in this moment?
Keeping the Doors of Communication Open With Your Children and With G-d

In order for me to transmit anything to my children, I need communication. In order to maintain a loving relationship, I need understanding. That means for me, at least, I must always make it clear that the doors of language remain wide open.
Rising Above Challenges
Setback or Springboard?

Chapter 20 of Positivity Bias
Moving Forward: Releasing the Chokehold of the Past

Allowing yourself to step into a new and healthy reality from a traumatic past is a bit like zip-lining: If you don’t jump off the platform with trust that on the other side of the dense foliage before you there is another platform, then you will never behold the wondrous sights in between.
The Secret

Our sages tell us that "Jacob wished to reveal to his sons the end of days, whereupon the divine presence departed from him." Why, indeed, would Jacob wish to do such a thing? If the children of Israel had been told that the date of Moshiach's coming is thousands of years in the future, would this not have had a most adverse effect on their morale?
Vayechi Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Vayechi.
The Story That Was a Prayer

The Rebbe continued speaking, even as the clock ticked closer to midnight.
Banana Peanut Butter Loaf Cake

Forty days before the fetus is formed a heavenly voice announces, "The daughter of so-and-so shall marry so-and-so"
— The Talmud
Print Magazine

There are three forms of enlightened life:

One is life upon a wild beast. Only that the inner self is awake, and that innerness is joined by a great light from Above, so that eyes stay on the road, with mind, words and limbs working together to reach their destination.

There are many levels to this rung, but all are...

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