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Who Was the Prophet Malachi?

Malachi (d. 312 BCE) was a member of the Great Assembly during the beginning of the second Jewish commonwealth and was considered the last Jewish prophet.
"The Trolley Problem" in Judaism

Ethics professors often frame this conundrum as a battle between “utilitarianism” and “deontology.” What does Torah say?
By the Numbers
11 Facts About the Month of Iyar Every Jew Should Know

Both Nisan and Tishrei are referred to as the start of the Jewish calendar. Iyar is the second month from Nisan and month number eight from Tishrei.
10 Steps to Knowing Yourself

"Only I can be who I was created to be, and do what I was created to do."
The Tragic History of Molech Child Sacrifice

In biblical times there were numerous false gods that were popular in the ancient pagan societies, and, at times, among the Jewish people as well.
Learning Ethics of Our Fathers
A Look Into G-d’s Largest Storehouse

Prayer is not a “spare wheel” that you pull out when in trouble, but it is a “steering wheel” that directs the right path throughout.
Post-Childhood Trauma, the Path to Finding My Personal G-d

My childhood ended when I was 10 years old. I left for overnight camp an innocent girl; two weeks later, I was called to the head counselor’s shack and told that I had to go home.
New Feature
49 Aspects of Human Emotion

While the inspiration was mystical and spiritual, the poems are grounded in the day-to-day.
The Man Who Stopped the Wedding Procession

The man blinked tears from his eyes. "I lease an inn from a local duke, and the business… it’s bad."
Do not judge your fellow until you have stood in his place
— Ethics of the Fathers 2:4
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If you had made yourself, you would be toast.

But you didn’t.

The One who made you—He knew every challenge you would meet, your faults and weaknesses. He was the one who put them there.

And for each brick wall you would hit, He provided you a ladder. For every chasm of your soul, a bridge to walk over. For each...